The Layers

From surface level to deeply hidden.

  • 🌀 Draconizations - dragons, dragons and more dragons (with the occasional vampire)
  • 🍃 Synthesis - why are there so many catgirl trees?
  • 📚 Fictional - not a layer of it's own, but a cluster of several, smaller layers
  • 🌲 Central - pine tree forests. Sightings of higher beings in the shape of normal animals
  • 🍂 Core - fallen leaves, autumn trees, and the ever-present sense something terrible happened here
  • 🌫 Beyond - what lies beyond core shall forever be a mystery

Top layers

The top layers are the largest groupings of alters in our system. Each of them are a separate area (or dimension, if you will) in our innerworld. These areas look the same in terms of how the mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes are laid out, but the vegetation and placement of buildings differ. So does the weather, what time of day it most often is, and also what architecture is available.

Which alters are in what layer is not 100% solid or easily discernible, and some alters can traverse through multiple layers, while others are locked into one.

But a general rule of thumb: if two people come from the same layer, their shared memory is somewhat decent. If two people come from entirely different layers, they won't remember anything the other did for the life of them. This goes for switching too. The closer the layers everyone's from are, the less disorienting and damning the switch.


We know the most about the layers that are switched in most frequently, or in our words, are "the closest to the surface". The deeper you go, the less defined things become.

That being said, even our most surface layers are still not fully discovered and we have a lot of parts that are still lurking in the shadows. This website will never be complete, and that's part of the beauty of it, I think!